About Us


The year that “All About Eve” took home the Oscar for Best Picture.  "Truth or Consequences" began its 38-year run as one of television’s most successful game shows.  And the Yankees swept the Phillies to win their 13th World Series Championship….




That same year, three employees of Paul Munk & Co—one of New York’s first plumbing specialty outfits—decided to make their own imprint on the plumbing and heating supply industry.  Arthur Wallach, Sidney Waller, and Maurice Rich combined their names, relationships and expertise—and formed Wal-Rich Corporation.




In 2010, we celebrated our 60th year of service to the plumbing, heating, hardware and industrial wholesaler.  We’d like to thank all of our customers, vendors, and friends that have made the last 60 years a success. We’d also like to welcome our new friends!

As a third-generation family business—we take pride in our history and the role that we play in the lives of our families, employees, and customers.  We are glad that you have chosen Wal-Rich, and look forward to the opportunity to satisfy your future specialty needs!

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